Digitial Wizardry

The digital revolution has transformed us into an increasingly visual society and we are constantly consuming and creating visual content. When you also consider that most people’s property search will begin by looking at a screen, you begin to understand the importance of creating the very best quality images.

Selling your home is a little like an old fashioned beauty pageant, you line up against all the other contenders and people will gravitate towards the one that is most attractive. Some of this can be influenced by you (please feel free to download our guide to preparing your property for marketing) but the rest is down to your agent, to maximise the appeal and value of your home, to help it stand out from the crowd and make it onto people’s ‘must view’ list.

We are constantly striving to achieve the very best for our clients and the presentation of your property is a good place to start, so we have invested in a wide ranging suite of market leading visual aids to get you noticed for all the right reasons.

360 Virtual Tours

The future has arrived and it’s all about fully immersive experiences. Our interactive virtual tours are all filmed in stunning 270 megapixel quality and allow your buyers to take full control of their viewing experience. This technology has been proven to increase enquiries and viewing requests and can even help properties sell faster and achieve higher sales prices. If required, we can also activate a ‘Remote Viewing’ function which enables us to accompany a potential buyer through their virtual tour in a hosted video chat.

Virtual Staging

Selling an empty house and worried that it’ll look a bit unwelcoming? Don’t worry, we can turn any empty property into a beautiful and fully furnished home!

Photo Visualisation

Are you worried that buyers won’t see the potential in your doer upper? Have you got planning permission for a fabulous extension but you’re concerned that people will struggle to understand how great it will look? Problem solved, no need for them to imagine it, we can make them see it!

Digital Surgery

Skip on the drive? Scaffolding up nextdoor? No problem, don’t let these things stop you from getting your house on the market. We can remove unwanted objects to include cars parked in front of the house, reflections in mirrors, extravert pets that insist on being in the shot and even pants left on the radiator - although we’d rather you dealt with these before we arrive!