Welcome to Eden Midcalf

January, 2021

Like many an idea, the creation of Eden Midcalf was as a result of a conversation in the pub! In early 2020, the owners of Eden Estates and Midcalf Nicholls were enjoying a drink together when the idea of merging businesses was discussed. Having known each other for a number of years, Richard (Eden Estates) and Rob (Midcalf Nicholls) were satisfied that they shared a similar approach to business and the geography of their offices leant themselves perfectly to providing an almost seamless link from the Black Country to the Wyre Forest via the villages of South Staffordshire and North Worcestershire.

Nurtured over many years, both of the original businesses had enjoyed an enviable reputation in their respective market places, with the commitment to excellent customer care being instrumental in their success. Having seen significant changes in the housing market, the economy and the political landscape over the years, their presence as local, trusted and independent estate agents remained constant. The considerable experience brought together by this merger provided strong foundations on which to build an exciting new business.

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